Grandparents – The Often Uncaptured Photos

Grandparents are a wonderful wonderful thing…

Growing up I only knew one of my Grandmothers and I think there are a total of 5 pictures of us together. I have noticed that my husband doesn’t have a lot of pictures with his grandparents either. Our little girl is so blessed to not only have four grandparents, but 3 great-grandparents as well. I am trying to make a point to take the pictures that while you are visiting the grandparents, you sit and think “oh that would be a beautiful picture” but you never end up taking it. Some of my favorite pictures are of my daughter and her grandparents or her great-grandparents, and I know that one day they will be cherished by her as well….not to mention how much they love to have a great picture of them together.

I want to capture the memories that she will have with her grandparents…she wont remember when I make her stand next to her grandma and smile and all I got was a cheesy grin, she could look at the picture, but she wont remember the moment. The things I hope she will remember are the memories she makes with them. Baking our family’s traditional German butter cookies for Christmas with her Grandma….sitting in her Granddad’s race car while she watches him tinker with the engine….sitting on the counter while she watches her Nanna make her famous symphony brownies….heading out to the deer stand with her Poppy before the sun is fully up on a crisp fall morning. Those are the memories that I want a picture to capture……those are the memories I hope she has so I can capture them….so why do most of us only end up with a picture of us standing next to our grandparents while we give a cheesy smile towards the camera?

Now my daughter is still young, and it will be some time before she makes those kind of memories with her grandparents…so for now I will take the ones that I will always remember. Like when her Poppy came to visit us and it was a tearful goodbye as he gave her one last hug and kiss before he headed back to Oklahoma. Or her smiling brightly at Nanna and Poppy when we video chat with them on the computer. Or the time we went hiking with Grandma on a trail not meant for strollers (that was fun!)

What are the memories that you wish that you could capture….what are the memories that you can… and will capture?

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Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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